Written By: Coach Jeremy Williams

What are you waiting for today?

  1. Are you waiting until January 2020 to start on that next business goal?
  2. Are you waiting until next week to start working out and get back into shape?
  3. Are you waiting until after the holidays to get your diet on track?
  4. Are you waiting until Christmas Eve to get back into the routine of going to church and working on your Spiritual life?
  5. Are you waiting to start saving and building your financial retirement when the stars align, and you win the lottery?
  6. Are you waiting to take that dream vacation?
  7. Are you waiting until the “time is right” to make a decision.

 I am going to encourage you today to stop waiting, and take the actions necessary to live out your life to be the best you can be. “The best” defined by me. NO. “The best” defined by a family member. NO. “The best” defined by a friend. NO. This is something you have to define. 

Stop waiting. Waiting is not going to accomplish anything. I get the opportunity to speak with a lot of people as a coach. One of the saddest things is to have conversations with individuals that are living in regret because they waited. It is the “would have been”, “could have been” type of conversations. Most regrets are attributed to waiting. 

Caveat. Don’t make decisions  that are reckless. Example: Don’t go buy a Diamond Box ticket to World Series Game 6 tonight in Houston (BTW – they are $10,000 – $15,000 each) if you don’t have the money. Don’t cough it up to making memories. It is okay to wait on a decision like this, and don’t wait to create a plan to create the financial wealth so you can make the decision to purchase a ticket like this in 2020 when the Astros return. Yep, I said it. The Astros will return to the World Series in 2020. 

Be a person of action today. You’ve got this. Find the tribe that will support you. Create goals, create a plan of action, and implement. Hire a coach to help keep you accountable. Don’t wait. 

Be Blessed and productive in what you do today. If you’re in need of accountability specifically around your business, reach out to me at 281-387-7689. I have a few slots that have opened up. We can talk more about not waiting on achieving the goals you desire for your business. Don’t wait. Call me. Learn more about Red Hawk Coaching

Onward and Upward,
Coach Jeremy Williams
Red Hawk Coaching