Interview with Dr. Tyler Hamel Owner of Pinnacle Health and Wellness | Kingwood Back Pain Relief Chiropractic

Written By: Jeremy Williams

Jeremy Williams, Head Coach and Owner of Red Hawk Coaching interviews Dr. Tyler Hamel, Chiropractor and Owner of Pinnacle Health and Wellness (Kingwood Back Pain Chiropractic). While the topic focused on The Importance of Health as a Small Business Owner, the information discussed can apply to anyone. Dr. Hamel shared information about the industry, how he provides an alternative for maintaining peak health, mindset, and much more. Learn more about the services offered by Dr. Tyler Hamel. You can schedule an appointment by calling 281-360-8387. Follow Dr. Tyler Hamel on Facebook

Here are the questions we covered in the interview.

  1. Dr. Hamel, what made you pursue the chiropractic field?
  2. Dr. Hamel, you’ve been established in the Kingwood community for several years. Tell me about your practice and the services you offer. With the government shutdown as a result of the COVID pandemic, share with me some of the strategies you implemented to keep moving forward. What has been your mindset to keep moving forward despite everything happening around you?
  3. Gyms were locked down, people were confined for the most part to their home, and even now that gyms have restricted openings, what can people be doing to keep health a priority in their lives?
  4. I coach small business owners, and I’m sure there will be some listening to this interview. What is the importance of maintaining health as a small business owner?
  5. Schedule is important with a small business owner. What are some strategies a small business owner can use to make sure health is a priority?
  6. What role can you play as a Chiropractor to help small business owners keep health a top priority?
  7. If you can provide one piece of advice today to a small business owner…it can be anything…what would it be?
  8. How can people connect with you about your services?

Interview with Monique Smith Owner of AdviseUWise

Written By: Coach Jeremy Williams

I had the opportunity to interview educator and business owner Monique Smith; owner of AdviseUWiseAdviseUWise provides high school, college and career planning solutions with proven results in reaching educational goals. Monique has been an educator for over 18 years with experience in college admissions counseling, academic advising and career coaching serving high school students, international students, college students and homeschool families with transition services.

Learn more about the services offered by Monique Smith visit the AdviseUWise website

Here are the questions we covered in the interview.

  1. Monique, when we talk about education, this can be a sensitive topic with parents and children alike, I believe, because of the importance of the topic. I want people that listen to this video today to understand your knowledge and background in education to set the foundation of our conversation. Tell us about your background as an educator.
  2. Why did you start AdviseUWise?
  3. Given today’s climate around education, COVID-19, and the shutdowns, and their impact on getting the proper education to our rising seniors in high school, and quite frankly, students at all levels in the education system, how can AdviseUWise step in to help both parents and students navigate these uncharted waters?
  4. Personally, I have an upcoming 6th grader and an upcoming 9th grader. We finished out the last 9 weeks with online classes, which I know my wife and I felt the quality of the education lacked. In fact, students were essentially guaranteed their grades…my son did not receive a grade. Our district is essentially offering 3 options. 1. Go back to school, and that will start as one day at campus, and one day online alternating. 2. Online. 3. Online with UIL/Sports on campus. How can AdviseUWise assist in making sure these students, whatever option they choose, are prepared and ready if they make the decision to go off to college?
  5. Do you see AdviseUWise as a resource to help parents in these times, and how can they connect with you to learn more about the services you provide?

Will Schulze REALTOR® Pends 3 Million in 30 Days

Posted by Coach Jeremy Williams

Will Schulze, REALTOR® brokered by Keller Williams Clear Lake NASA in the Houston, Texas bay area, shares his recent accomplishment of pending 3 Million in residential real estate in 30 days. Will invests in himself by coaching with Jeremy Williams, Head Coach and Owner of Red Hawk Coaching. Coach Jeremy Williams interviews Will Schulze on his recent successes.

Whether buying a home, selling a home, or investing in real estate in the Greater Houston area including the Houston Bay Area and League City, connect with Will Schulze today.

Coach Jeremy Williams Interviews Clint Muhlenberg, Founder of Leverage Virtual Specialists

Written By: Coach Jeremy Williams

Jeremy Williams, Owner and Head Coach of Red Hawk Coaching based in Kingwood, Texas recently interviewed Clint Muhlenberg, CEO and Founder of Level Virtual Specialists based in Austin, Texas. The interview addressed:

  1. What is a virtual assistant, and what do they do?
  2. The importance of defining the role for a virtual assistant.
  3. Do you hire in-house or virtual?

If you are looking to create leverage in your business, hiring virtual might be a viable option. In a world where the pandemic has created and pushed businesses to virtual work environments, now might be the time to at least consider this option if you’re considering expanding and growing a team.

Connect with Clint today to learn how a virtual assistant might be able to help you.