Coach Jeremy Hosting Training Event in Partnership with JLA Realty

Written By: Jeremy Williams

On Thursday, August 6th, 2020, Jeremy Williams, Head Coach and Owner of Red Hawk Coaching will host a special ‘Live’ training event in partnership with JLA Realty at 10:00 am CST. The title of the training event is How to Thrive in Today’s World – The New-ish Basics. What will real estate agents expect in this 30 minute power training session via Zoom:

  1. Learn about the 4 things you can control as an agent.
  2. Learn a meaningful way to schedule life and business.
  3. Operate from a one page business plan that focuses on achieving one goal.
  4. Implement a simple tool that keeps you focused on the wins in both your business and life.

Seats are limited. Make sure you register today

The Collaborative Mastermind Offered by Red Hawk Coaching

Written By: Jeremy Williams

I am excited about the new opportunity offered by Red Hawk Coaching.The Collaborative Mastermind will launch October 9th at 9:00 AM CST. This is a weekly mastermind opportunity only for those active in the Red Hawk Coaching one-on-one coaching program. The additional value of coaching with Red Hawk Coaching is the relationships built with other powerful business owners in the Red Hawk Coaching Community, and to engage in sharing ideas with others that have the same mindset of leveling up in business and life. 

The first topic will be: Getting to the Numbers – Ideas on How to Attract New Business 

If you’re thinking about getting into coaching, there is no better time than now. Connect with me to learn how you and your business can benefit from the investment of hiring a coach. 

Onward and Upward,
Coach Jeremy Williams
Red Hawk Coaching

How to Create a YouTube Channel Subscribe Link

Written By: Coach Jeremy Williams

Are you looking to get more ‘Subscribers’ to your YouTube Channel? I will share a simple strategy that has been working for me. I will walk you through how to create a link to take people directly to the opportunity to ‘Subscribe’ to your channel.

Get more FREE content and strategies to help elevate your business by ‘Subscribing’ my YouTube Channel

Steps to building your own Subscriber link.

  1. Create a YouTube Channel.
  2. When you visit your channel, your url link auto-generated by YouTube will be at the top of the page. My link for example is:
  3. 3. Add this piece of code to the end of your YouTube channel url. ?sub_confirmation=1

The final link is

When you direct people to this link, they will automatically be asked to ‘Subscribe’ to your channel. If they choose not to ‘Subscribe’, they will still land on your Channel. Winning and winning!

To create a more pleasant looking link to share and market, you may consider purchasing a vanity domain at GoDaddy, and then point that url to the link above. My vanity url is

Where should you share this link? FacebookInstagramLinkedin, Email Newsletter, etc. I would also add it to ‘Links’ under channel customization. Path: Go to your channel. Click on Customize Channel. Click on Basic Info. Add the link. This link will be clickable and found on your channel banner giving visitors to your channel yet another opportunity to subscribe.

When you share future videos, instead of sharing the direct link to your video, share your new subscriber link, and feature the new video content as both the Channel Trailer and Featured Video for Returning Subscribers. For those that have not ‘Subscribed’, they will be prompted to either ‘Subscribe’ or ‘Cancel’. Either way they will be hit with the new content. For those ‘Subscribers’ returning to the page, they will see the new content immediately. Path: Go to your channel. Click on Customize Channel. Under Layout, you will see Channel Trailer and Featured Video. Add the newest video to both. You will change this each time you encourage someone to visit your channel to see the newest content.

I trust this helps you and your efforts to grow your YouTube channel. If you are looking for additional help, connect with me at Red Hawk Coaching or on Facebook. Since 2010, I’ve worked with 100’s of real estate agents and small business owners helping them to soar both in business and life.

The Collaborative Mastermind with Coach Jeremy Williams on the Topic of Goals

Written By: Coach Jeremy Williams

Great mastermind this morning with some amazing people across the State of Texas. One of the additional benefits of participating in one-on-one coaching with Red Hawk Coaching is bi-monthly masterminds with growth-minded individuals. There might have even been a few referrals shared on the call and the expanding of some networks. The overarching topic today was goals, and the subtopics selected by the group included:

  1. How to Narrow Your Focus
  2. How to Get Better at Staying in Tune with Your Goals
  3. Specific Buckets and Strategies You Are Leaning Into for 2021
  4. How Social Media Plays a Role in Business

If you’re ready to elevate your business by investing in yourself and hiring a coach, and you would like to be connected with some amazing business people through masterminds, connect with me at 281-387-7689 or email

Get Access to FREE Real Estate Training Videos

Written By: Coach Jeremy Williams

Coach Jeremy Williams, Owner and Head Coach at Red Hawk Coaching provides FREE training videos for small business owners released every Wednesday. To ensure you get the latest video released, ‘Subscribe’ to the Red Hawk Coaching YouTube Channel. To get notifications, make sure you click on the notification bell.

Here are some of the training videos provided by Red Hawk Coaching. To learn about the one-on-one coaching opportunities with Coach Jeremy Williams, contact Coach Jeremy today.

Grow Your YouTube Subscribers with this Insider Tip

Powerful Organizational and Messaging Strategy Using Facebook Friends Lists 

Creating an Online Footprint with a Google Business Page

Instagram Work Around in Windows Using the Chrome Browser 

Meet Coach Jeremy Williams – The EXPLODE Program

Written By: Coach Jeremy Williams

I know over the years that when I attend a training event, or I choose to participate in an online course, I want to know that the person sharing the information has credibility. In this video, I share with you my journey in the real estate industry since 2004.

2004 – 2010 – Build a successful real estate business. 2010 – 2017 – Leadership and coaching opportunities in some of the largest real estate brokerage offices in the Greater Houston area including a short stint as a leader with one of the largest expansion teams in the country. 2017 – Launched Red Hawk Coaching.

Since 2010, I’ve coached 100’s of agents at all different levels from new to the industry to mega agents operating teams. With over 10,000 hours of coaching and training agents booked, I know that I can help you too.

Get to know more about Coach Jeremy Williams.

Complete List of Modules for The EXPLODE Program for Real Estate Agents

The EXPLODE Program for Real Estate Agents

Meet Coach Jeremy Williams

Start Asking Today

The 4 Things You Control

Establish a Schedule

Create a One Page Business Plan

Get Accountability with the W1N

Invest in a GSUITE Account

Create a Signature Block Using Canva

Labels and Filters in GMAIL

Create Time Saving Templated Emails in GMAIL

Manage Your Time with Google Calendar

Organize Your Contacts with Google Contacts

Get Cloud Based with Google Drive

Build a YouTube Channel

Create a Brand Awareness Ad on YouTube

Prospecting vs Marketing

Prospecting and Marketing Ideas for Agents

Importance of Scripts

Consistency + Congruency + Discipline

The Winning Listing Presentation

The Winning Buyer Presentation

Hire a Coach

The 4 Things You Can Control – The EXPLODE Program

Witten By: Coach Jeremy Williams

There is a lot that happens in this sometimes crazy world we live in. I think about the time when I was actively selling homes during one of the worst economic crises in our history. There will always be “x” that will happen during the time you are a business owner. Most of these incidents that take place often can not be predicted; look at the current COVID-19 pandemic. What you should focus on are the things that you can control. Focusing on the following will get you much further down the road than you can imagine. This type of thinking keeps you solution focused.

Take a moment to complete The 4 Things You Control Worksheet download.  Shifting your mindset is 90% of the game as a business owner; the other 10% is about taking action.

What is a virtual assistant?

Written By: Coach Jeremy Williams

Join the SOAR Syndicate next Friday, February 5th at 9:00 am CST.I am really excited about having special guest Clint Muhlenberg, CEO and Founder of Level – Virtual Specialists.

Clint will be speaking on leveraging your business through a virtual assistant. Questions and topics he will answer include:

What is a virtual assistant, and what do they do?

The importance of defining the role of your virtual assistant.

How do you decide whether to hire in-house or go virtual?

While 80% of his clients are real estate agents, Clint’s business also supports other industries. If you’re a small business owner, and your not focusing on the 20% that drives production, you will want to be on this Zoom Webinar on Friday, February 5th at 9:00 am CST.

The event is FREE, and registration is required. Save your virtual seat today.