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Coach Jeremy – My Story

Hello, my name is Jeremy Williams, and I am the owner of Red Hawk Coaching; a coaching company that provides coaching and consulting services for small business owners to assist in achieving their goals through one-on-one and group coaching. I am an entrepreneur both by practice, and by personal experience having grown up in a family of small business owners. A graduate of Texas A&M University, along with my wife Laurie, we reside in the suburbs of the Greater Houston, Texas area with two children, Emma and Logan, and our two dogs, Stella Gumbo and Bailey.

Most of my professional life has been spent, since 2004, as a small business owner. I have been coaching, consulting, and training as a profession since 2010, and I formally launched my own coaching practice, Red Hawk Coaching in 2017. Working with 100’s of small business owners over the years, I have booked over 10,000 coaching and training hours with individuals performing at the highest levels in their industries. With a Mastery DISC Certification through Abelson, I also understand how behavior and habits play a large role in goal achievement and success.

Jeremy has truly been a godsend for me and my business! He has helped me to focus on the important things, while recognizing the things that keep me in the weeds. I am technology challenged as well, so he has given me courage to tackle this weakness and face my fears. I highly recommend his coaching services!

Why Work With Me?

People choose to hire me as their coach because my clients get results. I help my clients with mindset; everything starts with mindset. More importantly I show my clients how to get into intentional action. It’s about creating a plan and executing the plan at a high level.

This is not your typical coaching organization that is focused on how amazing they are. My coaching style is to elevate and celebrate your accomplishments while providing a customized experience for you. If you’re ready to soar, don’t wait to set up a discovery call with me today.

What I Can Do For Your Business