Prospecting is Like Fishing

Written By: Coach Jeremy Williams

Prospecting is like fishing; at least like my experience when fishing 😁. Sometimes you will catch fish on an outing, and other times you might not even get a bite. The important thing is that you made the attempt.

If you feel like your business is running out of leads, you’re probably not fishing. So many times, I’ve seen business owners get so busy with the work they have in front of them that they neglect putting the pole back out in the water.

Prospecting is a daily activity. Prospecting is the grind, and it is the mundane, and it is what will feed you. The best way to ensure prospecting happens daily is to work at building a habit around the activity.

Go “fishing” daily, and I can ensure the “catch” will show up.

Onward and Upward,
Coach Jeremy Williams

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