A Winner Seeks Knowledge

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Written By: Coach Jeremy Williams

Chad Hyams and Bob Stewart of the Win Make Give Podcast interviewed Doctor Gregg Marshall (many know as Doc G) on the topic of seeking knowledge in their latest podcast series Traits of a Winner. Doc G is a Professor and Chair at Texas State University Round Rock Campus, and he also served 21 years as the faculty representative for Beta Upsilon Chi (Brothers Under Christ) founded at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas in 1997.

The message in this podcast interview has so many applications. Our entire journey should be set on seeking knowledge and to remain in curiosity. Whether it’s your health, finances, wealth building, relationships, Spiritual life, business, etc., growth only occurs when you continually seek out knowledge and truth.

No matter what your profession or path in life, take a few moments to hear the message shared by Doc G, and the great questions asked by Bob and Chad, Co-Hosts with the Win Make Give Podcast Network. You will be glad you did.

Chad Hyams is Special Guest with Jeremy Williams on May 23rd at 2:00 PM Central

Written By: Coach Jeremy Williams

Chad Hyams, Voice of Reason and speaker about growth, mindset, and The ONE Thing will be a special guest with Jeremy Williams, owner of JPW Business Consulting to give his ONE Thing perspective on the topic of lead generation. This exclusive event for coaching clients with JPW Business Consulting is scheduled for May 23rd at 2:00 pm Central/3:00 pm Eastern via Zoom.

UPDATE: This is a past event.

Chad Hyams is a certified The ONE Thing coach, and he is the Southeast Regional Director for the United Home Group (a real estate expansion team with Keller Williams Realty based out of Portland, Oregon and led by Cody Gibson).

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3 Powerful Questions that Can Change Your Life Starting Today

Written By: Coach Jeremy Williams

Today I had the opportunity to coach some of the top performing real estate agents with the United Home Group under the leadership of Southeast Regional Director Chad Hyams. The United Home Group powered by Keller Williams Realty is the largest and fastest growing real estate expansion team in the United States. The topic of our conversation for the group coaching call was Overcoming Adversity and Mental Focus.

One of the things I shared is the 3 powerful questions everyone should ask themselves daily. The 3 simple, yet powerful, questions can set anyone on a new course immediately in their business, personal life, health, Spiritual life, relationships, etc. Here are the 3 questions with a best use example.

1. What did I do well today? (I crushed it during my lead generation time and connected with 30 people.)

2. What did I do not so well today? (I did not do my follow up calls as intended.)

3. What will I do differently moving forward? (I will make sure to have on my calendar time set aside to make my follow up calls. 30 minutes in the late morning, and 30 minutes before I shut down for the day. I will color code this time on my calendar RED so that I will “stop”, and make sure to follow through on my commitment to follow up.)

Question #1 focuses on the positives that are taking place in your business, life, etc. Even when things seem to be crashing in around you, there is always something good to focus on.  Question #2 is the “Reality Check” question. It is the question we don’t like to ask, yet one of the most important questions you can ask yourself. Folks we have to deal with the reality to be able to move forward. Question #3 is the “Redemption Question” providing a way forward that might not have been clear to you before. How do I get different in my approach? Do I need to get a little uncomfortable to experience growth? What specific task or action must take place, and by when will it happen?

As you see, these questions are simple and powerful. I encourage you to try this out, and post in the comments any thoughts you might have on this approach.  If you’ve read this far, cheers to you making the commitment to self improvement, and I know by using these questions, you will be able to push to and through your goals.

A #LifeSpark Conversation with Jeremy Williams and Chad Hyams

Written By: Coach Jeremy Williams

Chad Hyams, the Founder of #LifeSparks interviews Jeremy Williams, CEO/Owner and Business Coach at Red Hawk Coaching on the topic of time management. Are you looking for a deeper dive into managing your time in both your business and personal life? Take a few moments to find the takeaways in this conversation between Jeremy and Chad. Checkout more #LifeSparks on Chad’s YouTube Channel.

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Change Your Business and Life by Hiring Jeremy Williams as a Coach Today

Are you needing to get clarity in your business? Do you feel like you’re all over the place and lack focus and direction? This is exactly why you should consider hiring a business coach to provide you direction and different perspectives on your approach to building a successful business. Learn more about the one-on-one coaching opportunity offered to small businesses (include real estate agents), and group coaching specifically designed for real estate agents at Red Hawk Coaching.

Author: Jeremy Williams is the Owner/CEO of Red Hawk Coaching, a business of JPW Business Consulting LLC. For more information about coaching opportunities with Red Hawk Coaching, visit www.RedHawkCoaching.com.

Jeremy Williams Interviews Chad Hyams of Ember Seminars and the Creator of the Life Sparks Video Series

Written By: Coach Jeremy Williams

I had the opportunity this morning to interview a friend and colleague; Chad Hyams, Coach, Author, and Owner of Ember Seminars. I dove into Chad’s coaching approach that focuses in all areas of L.I.F.E. (Love, Improvement, Fitness, and Economics), and how he helps others achieve greatness. We covered topics including what does accountability truly mean, how do you separate yourself from the sea of agents, why I don’t order Jack and Pepsi, and much more valuable information. Whether you’re inside or outside the real estate industry, or you’re just looking to improve in key areas of your life, tune in to this interview that is approximately 43 minutes long.

To learn more about business coaching with me, connect with me today.

You Can Do Anything in 5 Short Years

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Written By: Coach Jeremy Williams

I shared this on my personal wall this morning. It was from my FB Memories 5 years ago. This list is an amazing group of business owners and people in general. Some how I slipped into this list contributing to a breakout session at KW Family Reunion for my now coach Chad Hyams.

The reason I share this post is that all these individuals had amazing businesses back then, yet in a short period of 5 years, some of the accomplishments of these individuals are almost unthinkable. Stop and think. You can completely change your ticket in life in 5 short years. Sometimes that is hard to wrap your head around.

Google a few of their names, and you will find some of these are the very top of the entire industry. 5 years, and they are changing what is possible. They are breaking boundaries that once were spoken as impossible. Instead each had a mindset of “I’m Possible”.

Where can you be in 5 years? What does it take you accomplishing in the next 3 years to stay the course? Knowing what it takes in 3 years, what do you need to do this year? Knowing what you’ve got to accomplish this year, what do you need to do in the next 6 months? Knowing what you need to do in the next 6 months, how do you need to finish February? Knowing the goals that must be hit in February, what needs to happen before Saturday, February 15th (don’t forget Valentine’s Day)? Knowing what you need to have done by Saturday, what activities must take place today?

Know your vision, and work backwards to what it takes today. Do the activities daily, and in 5 years you will be in a place only imagined today. The other thing I picked up with this memory, is always to hang around people smarter than you. Get that push from those that are blazing a path.

I trust this hits a nerve with someone today, and I will look out 5 years from now and know that you implemented a strategy similar to this. Now go do it.

10 Tips to Maximize Your Keller Williams Family Reunion 2020 Experience

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Pictured: Tom Riggins, Jeremy Williams, and Michael Clapp

Written By: Coach Jeremy Williams

While I am no longer licensed at Keller Williams Realty, or for that matter no longer have an active license now that my focus is 100% on coaching up real estate agents and small businesses, I did spend a significant amount of my professional career with Keller Williams Realty. Seeing all my Keller Williams friends and former colleagues posting about KW Family Reunion 2020 in Dallas, Texas starting this Friday, Saturday, February 14th, I thought that sharing how to maximize this event from the perspective of a coach would be of value to those attending this year.

By the way, for those not attending KW Family Reunion, or not affiliated with Keller Williams, these tips will create for you opportunities when attending any large conference or event affiliated with your Brokerage, local MLS, and State and National Conventions.

What is KW Family Reunion?

The name of the event reflects exactly the purpose of the event; it is truly a family reunion. From estimates I’ve gathered through social media, it looks like attendance will be in the ballpark of 20,000 agents from around the world descending upon the Dallas, Texas Convention Center. During the event, which will be Saturday, February 15th – Tuesday, February 18th, agents in attendance will have the opportunity to attend general sessions and select from an expansive choice of 197 breakouts (Checkout the agenda). Some of the top vendors in the industry will also be available onsite to discuss their products and answer your questions.

How to Maximize Your Experience

  1. Get there early. If you can get there the day before, even better. Get the lay of the land. Go directly to registration and pick up tags, etc. to participate in the event. If you wait until the last minute, you will be guaranteed to miss something waiting in long lines.
  2. Know who you want to meet before you arrive. I know that when I attended in years past, I would line up meetings with specific individuals that I respected in the industry. Sometimes this was an early morning coffee, meeting up with someone to workout, grabbing a meal, meeting in the vendor area, or finding some time at the end of the day to grab a drink (BTW – don’t overdo this one to get the most out of your experience). While attending the general and breakout sessions, write down who you would like to meet or have a discussion with following Family Reunion. I found it best to walk up following a breakout session to meet the individual specifically so that at a later point, that person now can put a face with a name. My experience is that everyone is approachable, so don’t bolt out of the room as soon as an event is over.
  3. Plan your breakout sessions in advance, and get to the session early. When you deal with a massive amount of people in any convention center, certain rooms can hold certain numbers of people. You will probably get familiar with the Fire Marshal patrolling the convention center. Popular sessions will fill quickly. Don’t go into your day without planning it out…just like running a business.
  4. Don’t sit with your crew. The #1 purpose of going to an event like this is to meet people. This is a great opportunity to build and develop a referral network with people from all around the world. While it is important for you to take cards, it is even more important for you to collect other agents’ contact information. These contacts will go into your database, and you will be able to market back to them throughout the year, and purposely create relationships that will benefit you in business and life. NOTE: Don’t be the “DumbDumb” that walks around the convention center handing out cards to anyone and everyone. Be purposeful. Have a conversation, and then exchange cards(Super-Bonus Tip: Carry with you a Sharpie-Mini. When you walk away from that individual, write down one thing unique you learned about that person. Later that evening, use that unique thing about that person in your email. The email will look something like this: “Hey it’s Jeremy. Great meeting you today at ______________. I found it really interesting that _________________. I look forward to following you in your business, and if I can be a resource for you, don’t hesitate to connect. Enjoy your time here at KW Family Reunion.”)
  5. Takes notes. Review the notes, and circle the ONE thing you took from that session or breakout. As far as implementation when you return back home, implement The ONE Thing at a time. Having gone through the KW Family Reunion experience several times, I found agents getting overwhelmed with the information gathered, and once in a state of being overwhelmed implemented absolutely nothing. With the narrowed down notes, send your top takeaways as a follow up email to all the people you met during family reunion, and also with the reminder that you would like to be their referral partner for your city (of course this needs to be reciprocal).
  6. Don’t stay out too late. I always found nothing great happened after 10 or 11 pm. This is not to say don’t have a good time. What I am saying is that the 6:30 am, 7:30 am, or 8:00 am breakout will show up sooner than you think. Don’t set yourself up to hit the snooze. I found some of the best breakouts with some of the most awesome agents happened bright and early. These early morning breakouts were generally lightly attended providing the opportunity to connect with the presenting agent during and following the breakout.
  7. Don’t do anything that you will regret. I will leave that to your interpretation. You never know who is watching. Doors will open and close in a hurry in this industry based on the choices you make. 
  8. Carry a small backpack. I made the mistake of not doing this the first couple of times. You will want to carry with you water, snacks, Advil, and other things that you might not have time to go back to the room during the day. You will also pickup information from vendors, and you will need something to carry all that stuff around throughout the day.
  9. Vendors. When you are in the vendor area, have a plan. More importantly have a budget. More importantly don’t feel like you have to purchase right then. A great vendor will often offer the “event discount” following the event until a certain date. You’ve got to ask. Give yourself time to think about if what they are providing will actually impact your business. Beware of the shiny object.  
  10. Have fun. Enjoy getting to hangout with some great people. It is an opportunity to build some great, lifelong relationships. 

Don’t Miss This, You Will Regret Not Attending

One of the events you will not want to miss while attending KW Family Reunion is the Inspirational Breakfast. By far, it is one of the best motivational and inspiring events you can attend all year. If you fly into Dallas, catch a later flight. If you’re driving in, don’t be in a rush to get back home. You will not regret the decision to attend this special event.

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Get Me To Keller Williams Family Reunion

What’s the Next Step after KW Family Reunion

Red Hawk Coaching Jeremy Williams | Real Estate Coaching for Agents

What is the next step after attending KW Family Reunion? Who is challenging and helping you implement your newly found knowledge to take your business to the next level? Having been to several KW Family Reunions over the years, the pattern I saw was agents coming back home with excitement and new information, but ultimately not implementing a single concept. What does hiring a coach do for you and your business? Hiring a coach like me will help you eliminate the distractions, see the things that exist in your blind spots, and help you get hyper-focused on the things most important to drive your business to the next level. Together as a partner in your business, we can interrogate reality, what you would like to implement to drive results, and customize a plan that will set you up for success. 

What makes me as a coach, my company Red Hawk Coaching, different from other coaching services out there? First, I’ve coached real estate agents now for 10 years at all levels booking over 10,000 hours. 7 of those were with Keller Williams so I am familiar with the lingo, models, and systems. While my focus is on building your business, as a coach my interest is to coach you up on living out a great life. The first thing on your calendar should not be lead generation. I customize the coaching experience to each client. I realize that there is not a one size fits all approach. You are human first. 

I’ve helped 100’s of real estate agents at all levels since 2010. I know I can help you too. Results and experience matter in the coach you select to partner with your business. If this is what you’re looking for as a next step to KW Family Reunion, call  me today at 281-387-7689 or email jeremy@redhawkcoaching.com to schedule a free strategy call. This call provides me an opportunity to get to know you and your business, and it allows you to get to know me as a coach. Don’t let this opportunity I am providing pass you by. If you look at those highly successful in the industry, you will notice a common thread…they all have a coach. Let’s connect today!

Visit Red Hawk Coaching today to learn more about me and the coaching services I provide real estate agents and small businesses.

Bonus Material for Those Attending KW Family Reunion 2020 in Dallas, Texas

Chad Hyams Mastermind Keller Williams Family Reunion 2020 Dallas Texas

My coach, Chad Hyams, will be hosting an off-the-books mastermind event on Monday, February 17th at the KW Family Reunion in the Dallas Convention Center (Rooms D162/164). Pack you some snacks, or bring a lunch, and participate in a mastermind on various topics of the day. Chad is also holding his cards close, and he will have a special guest in attendance. If you’re attending KWFR, this is something you want to add to your agenda. Tell Chad, Jeremy sent me.

Should I Start a Podcast for My Business? Interview with Chad Hyams Co-Host of Win Make Give

Written By: Jeremy Williams

I recently had the opportunity to interview Chad Hyams, a Co-Host for the Win Make Give podcast founded by Ben Kinney. Chad provided a behind the curtain look at what it takes to have a successful podcast. Are you looking for a top business podcast that focuses on health, wealth, leadership, and legacy, checkout the Win Make Give podcast today.

Questions I Asked Chad Hyams in the Interview

  1. Chad, you are part of a team that is bringing valuable information to business owners through the podcast Win Make Give. Tell me about the concept of Win Make Give, and about the team that makes this one of the most successful podcasts out there right now.
  2. There are several mediums out there today to share and promote your message as a business owner. Why a podcast?
  3. I am a business owner, and I am thinking about starting a podcast. What would be the one reason not to start one?
  4. Obviously, the next question is, what is the one reason for someone to do a podcast?
  5. Is consistency to creating content for your podcast important? What are some strategies you would recommend to have that consistency with your podcast?
  6. I imagine one of the biggest challenges is what are you going to talk about. Share with me some of the strategies with Win Make Give to brainstorm and develop content for the podcast.
  7. Obviously the Win Make Give podcast is next level. What are some of the basic tools someone might invest in to start a podcast? If someone is looking to level up, where do you recommend them going to learn more?
  8. The audience for Win Make Give is growing quickly, and I believe it to be the recent offering of Ben Kinney taking everyone through the Wealth Series. What was the thought process of taking that to the masses? Share with me the successes.
  9. Chad, you always end the podcast with “Until next time, do good.” What led you to end each podcast with this phrase?
  10. What is one question I should have asked you about creating a podcast, and I did not?