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Written By: Coach Jeremy Williams

Jeremy Williams, CEO/Owner and Business Coach at Red Hawk Coaching will host Tyler Steenken, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Cole Information for an informative webinar; Three Winning Strategies to Dominate Your Farms. The webinar is scheduled for April 18th, 2019 at 1:00 PM CST, and this event will also be streamed to Facebook Live.

Special Opportunity

Because of the recent partnership of Cole Realty Information with Red Hawk Coaching, you can now get access to UNLIMITED cell phones and emails – each tied to a specific address/person within a subdivision or radius of a property. Within seconds, get all this premium contact information for everyone on a street, a subdivision, or even an entire zip code. Take a test drive with this opportunity starting today.

More Information About the Upcoming Business Changing Webinar

Inventory is still at record levels. However, a “shift” is starting to happen. NOW is the time to start creating RELATIONSHIPS, nurture those relationships… and convert them into listings. During this 30 minute content filled webinar, we will discuss what top agents across the country are executing to dominate their farms.

Topics include:

  • How to leverage any sort of recent activity within a neighborhood as a reason to communicate with neighbors.
  • Thinking outside of the box… how else can you provide value to a community?
    How to hold mega open houses.
  • Creating your own listing leads by leveraging buyers looking in a specific neighborhood.
  • Leveraging technology to make data actionable. We will reveal the top systems agents are using.
  • Action plan “takeaways” based on the case studies below.


Greg Harrelson discusses how he leverages Cole’s emails and cell phones to reach out to a everyone within a specific subdivision: calling, emailing & uploading the same lists for FB custom audiences.

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Author: Jeremy Williams is the Owner/CEO of Red Hawk Coaching, a business of JPW Business Consulting LLC. For more information about coaching opportunities with Red Hawk Coaching, visit