Increasing TC Business to Over 30 Pending a Month

Danae Wheat OnPoint Transactions LLC Texas Real Estate Agent Transaction Coordinator

Written By: Coach Jeremy Williams

The people I coach get results. They are amazing business owners and more importantly great people. Today I recognize another rock star coaching client, Danae Wheat, Owner of OnPoint Transactions, LLC; a transaction coordination business for Texas real estate agents.

I always enjoy our calls each week. Every week I ask for her to share one great thing in business and one great thing in life. Danae always says there are just too many great things to share. Danae implements the action plans that are discussed on our calls, and week after week, Danae’s business continues to grow providing TC support for top real estate agents in the industry.

If you’re a real estate agent in Texas looking to gain leverage to either get more time back in life or to grow the business, you would do yourself some good to connect with Danae today 832-465-4041 or email

Coach Jeremy Williams Interviews Danae Wheat, Owner of OnPoint Transactions LLC

Danae Wheat Transaction Coordinator Texas Real Estate Agents OnPoint Transactions LLC

Written By: Coach Jeremy Williams

Today, I had the honor to interview one of my coaching clients, Danae Wheat, Owner of OnPoint Transactions LLC; a real estate transaction coordination company providing support for Texas licensed real estate agents. One of my big takeaways from the conversation was how much time she is saving agents that utilize her services so that they can focus on dollar productive business activities.

I know I strongly urge my real estate coaching clients that one of the first hires they need to make, sooner than later, is a transaction coordinator. The benefit of utilizing a transaction coordination company like OnPoint Transactions LLC is that the charge is per transaction. You don’t have to concern yourself with payroll, taxes, training, etc. Watch the full interview here.

Talent Tuesday Danae Wheat, Owner of OnPoint Transactions LLC

Written By: Coach Jeremy Williams

Danae Wheat OnPoint Transactions LLC Texas Transaction Coordinator

Today I would like to recognize this rock star coaching client Danae Wheat, Owner and Founder of OnPoint Transactions, LLC. Danae is a licensed transaction coordinator for real estate agents practicing in the Great State of Texas. On our call last week, Danae shared that 40 transactions were currently pending with her business. Each week her business continues to grow, and I know that it is because of the amazing systems and service she provides her real estate agent clients.

For real estate agents looking to leverage their business, hiring a transaction coordinator is the first step to growth of the business. Removal of the administrative tasks related to processes in the transaction that can be handled by a transaction coordinator can provide the leverage for a real estate agent to go out and find another client to help.

If you’re a real estate agent in Texas, and you’re seeking leverage in your business by hiring a real estate transaction coordinator, reach out to my amazing and talented client, Danae Wheat of OnPoint Transactions LLC today at 832-465-4041 or email

Onward and Upward and in Gratitude,
Coach Jeremy Williams
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