How to Use Google Analytics for a Superior Marketing Edge

Blogging and Social Media are powerful marketing tools all on their own. But throw Google Analytics into the ring, and you’ve gained the edge on your competition. How? Google Analytics delivers all the data needed to give you a superior marketing edge to knock out your competition. So here’s what it is and why you need to use Google Analytics for a knockout win in your real estate marketing!

Use Google Analytics for the Knockout Marketing Punch

What It Is and Why You Should Use It

If you’re a serious website owner, you should use Google Analytics to totally transform your online marketing strategy for the win. It’s one of the most popular web analytics tools for analyzing in-depth detail about the visitors to your website. You can track site performance, user behavior, and traffic data that matters.

Your business’s online presence is built through relationships developed by blogging and social media interaction. Therefore, it becomes extremely important for you to use Google Analytics to learn the inner structure of your website. It lets you see whether your marketing efforts are accomplishing their purpose or not.

Most importantly, it reveals the ROI of your marketing efforts. The insights drawn from Google Analytics allow you to improve your marketing efforts, better serve your target audience, and obtain more clients. So, you can continue to do what works, and change what doesn’t.

  1. Find out how your visitors locate your real estate website

In addition to the core set of keywords you are already using, you learn about other keywords your visitors select to locate your website. For example, the keywords you use on your website initially may be little to very few in number. But over time when you use Google Analytics, you learn which other keywords could be added to further optimize your website.

  1. Identify which pages and links your visitors click most often

It lets you know which pages and links are most famous with your visitors. And it measures whether or not your keyword optimization is guiding the traffic to the right pages.

  1. Fine-tune your website

With these reports, you see what works and what isn’t working on your website. And that’s important! Now, you can rewrite the content on any page that isn’t performing well. Improving the optimization of your content brings a greater number of quality visitors to your website, increasing your number of future clients.

Knockout Round for the Win!

So, why use Google Analytics? Because it provides valuable insights that help you shape the success strategy of your real estate business. Ultimately, it provides proof of the return on investment of your blogging and social media marketing efforts.

Together these three combined give your business the unbeatable, superior marketing edge over your competition. Are you using all three in your business marketing? If not, let us handle your blogging, social media, and Google Analytics for you. Contact Rockin’ Robin Virtual Assistance at (307) 631-1867 or schedule a FREE 30-minute consultation today.

Written by Rockin’ Robin Carter 


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