Hard is a Mindset

Hard is a Mindset Real Estate Coach Jeremy Williams Red Hawk Coaching

Written By: Coach Jeremy Williams

Hard is a mindset!

When you say something is hard, you’ve chose a mindset that will defeat you often times before you even start.

It’s hard to find new business.

It’s hard to start that new fitness and nutrition regimen. 

That is a hard relationship to maintain.

When you declare something is hard, you prevent your brain from going out to seek the solution. When you seek solutions to the obstacles in front of you, your world begins to change. There is the saying that when you change the way you think about something, that something can then change. So reword your “it’s hard” conversations today.

It’s simple to find new business when I am consistent and intentional in my daily scheduled lead generation sessions.

It’s not challenging to be successful with my new fitness and nutrition regimen when I have a plan, accountability, and I execute the plan daily.

It’s not a challenging relationship. I may need to listen more, and figure out why I’ve made the relationship challenging. I don’t see it as a challenge rather an opportunity to have a more meaningful relationship with this individual.

Notice how the above statements are now coming from being solution-based vs that of a victim mentality. 

Coaching can help you in the area of mindset as everything starts with mindset. If I can help you have breakthroughs in both business and life, would it not be worth the investment in your business? You are worth the investment, and the time you commit to coaching can help you change everything. I’ve seen it over and over again in thousands of hours of conversation over the years. Schedule a time slot with me to learn more; don’t wait any longer.

Make sure you send a request to join my private group on Facebook; SOAR Syndicate – Strategies and Training for Small Business Owners. Join hundreds of other growth-minded business owners sharing strategies and thoughts on success.

“I Can’t” and You’re Right

Coach Jeremy Williams Red Hawk Coaching

Written By: Coach Jeremy Williams

I can’t do “x”. Guess what you’re right.

Whenever you start by saying you can’t do something, you’ve already been defeated.

I can’t make phone calls for my business because I don’t know what to say.

I can’t knock on doors because I’m afraid what they might say.

I can’t get consistent with my social media posts for my business because I easily get distracted.

I can’t get this one across the finish line because the negotiations are just too hard.

I can’t….

As soon as you say you can’t, you’re establishing a roadblock. This roadblock will prevent you from the goals you’re worthy of achieving. There are many reasons that can lead to “I can’t” thinking, yet most often I find it is either the fear of failure, and more often than not, the fear of success. The fear of success???

Yes, the fear of success because you may be unsure what to do now…what’s the next step…can your systems handle the new business that causing you to stretch.

If you’re struggling with “I can’t” thinking, it is exactly the reason why you should hire a coach. When we can get into conversations that switch “I can’t” thinking to “I can” thinking, your world will change…BTW both in business and life. Connect with me to learn more.

Be an “I can” thinker today! Great things await on the other side of that type of thinking.

Onward and Upward,
Coach Jeremy Williams

Experience Success By Getting Consistent

Coach Jeremy Williams Red Hawk Coaching

Written By: Coach Jeremy Williams

I had someone reach out to me this week and asked why I’ve had success as a business owner. I don’t get that question often as I am usually in the role of asking the questions that change businesses and lives though I knew the answer immediately. Consistency.

Am I consistent in all things…no as I see myself as a work never to be finished, and I am consistent in helping people achieve their goals. Have I always had success? I would say no until I found the “secret sauce” which is consistency.

Where do I see most business owners fail? They lack consistency. Initially they may have all engines fired up, and then in time they taper off, fall off the horse, and they don’t get back on. When someone falls into inconsistency, I hear things like:

“Jeremy, you just don’t understand my life.”

“Jeremy, my situation is different.”

“Jeremy, if I only had what they had.”

“Jeremy, they’re just Blessed.”

Frankly, and you might not want to hear this if these questions are going through your head, they are excuses to justify the inconsistencies. In addition, if you don’t have people calling you on these thoughts, you’re hanging with the wrong people. Trust me. Having coached hundreds of business owners since 2010, we are all broken and have problems. It should not change the fact that you want to live out your best life starting even today by getting consistent in your activities to achieve your goals.

How do you stay consistent? It requires mental focus. How do you get mental focus? You must be present in the moment. Whatever you want to achieve, you’ve got to shut out the noise and be present in the very activities that will help you achieve your goal. If you’re not present in the moment, you will not be consistent.

How do you manage being consistent? You’ve got to have a schedule, and more importantly, you’ve got to follow that schedule. I’ve seen some of the most beautiful color coded calendars, and when asked about specific time blocks I get…”Oh, well I had ‘X’ come up so I didn’t get to that.” Am I perfect…no. Am I always working to get better in this area? Yes. It is a must.

So how do you become successful, you’ve got to get consistent. Think of the story of the Turtle and the Hare. The turtle wins why? The turtle was consistent and focused on the goal. 

Go be consistent today. Stop making excuses as you’re better than that, and I believe you’re better than that.

Onward and Upward,
Coach Jeremy Williams 

Social Media is Not the Place to Solve Disagreements

Social Media Disagreements Wisdom Wednesday Real Estate Small Business Coach Jeremy Williams

Written By: Coach Jeremy Williams

Disagreements don’t get solved on social media. In fact, engaging in disagreement on social media only furthers the gap that already existed between the two parties. In addition, engaging in disagreement only attracts other individuals to the person that carries the same values, thoughts, and belief systems thus creating a larger divide beyond the two that had the disagreement (a my camp and your camp scenario).

Why do I write this? As with everything I write, it reflects a personal experience or shared experience through coaching conversations that is a reminder, and at times, a learning experience.

What is the best way to resolve a disagreement? In my opinion, the best way to resolve a disagreement is to address it with that person directly, not on social media (you’re not changing their mind), and in way that is respectful. Also it is okay to disagree.

If the person is not respectful about your side of the agreement, that’s a blog post for another day.

2020 Goal | Help More People

Written By: Coach Jeremy Williams

Bringing in 2020, Red Hawk Coaching has the goal to help more real estate business owners succeed in their businesses. Three ways Red Hawk Coaching is positioned to achieve this business goal include:

  1. One-on-One Coaching for Real Estate Agents – Learn More – Designed for real estate agents that are closing more than $3 Million in production ready to take their business to the next level. This coaching opportunity is a 30 minute weekly commitment for those that truly have the desire to make changes that will impact both their business and life in positive ways. This coaching is $500 a month recurring; no contract required.
  2. Group Coaching for Real Estate Agents – Learn More – Designed for real estate agents new to the business, or those agents that are not consistently closing 1 – 2 transactions. Agents meet weekly via Zoom for a 45 minute group coaching call that is topical in nature. Also expect additional accountability within the group to help you stay focused on the goal of growing your business. Coach Jeremy offers both monthly and annual memberships. The monthly membership is $75 a month, and the annual membership is $825 (you get 12 months for the cost of 11).
  3. BROKER/Office Manager Coaching – Learn More – Jeremy will share his experience of growing some of the largest real estate brokerages in the Greater Houston area and the country. The focus is on attracting the right talent to your team, retaining talent, creating an environment of productivity, and developing you as a leader. This coaching is $500 a month recurring; no contract required.

Are You Struggling with Feelings of Defeat? Today’s a New Day

Written By: Coach Jeremy Williams

Are you experiencing defeat? Have you had that feeling that the dice just aren’t rolling your way? I know I’ve had this feeling many times over my professional career. The desire to hit it out of the park, crush the goals, and experience that satisfaction of having success can immediately be trampled upon by the world.

Here is the reality. You’re not alone. If you have this feeling, you’re human. One of the greatest challenges I believe in our current time is social media. Everyone only post the things that make them feel or look good. It is fake. Behind those photos and posts are broken people. I know it, and experience it daily in conversations.

You may be thinking…hey, Jeremy, stop being a jerk, you’re raining on my day. No, I don’t want to do that, and I want you to be aware that even those at the top of their game have issues. So how do you get your mindset right around this. How do you overcome that feeling of defeat?

I believe it is to stop worrying about what others are doing and accomplishing, and to get focused on what you need to get done to level up. I often say to my coaching clients, “Stay in your lane”. Everything else is only a distraction, and you’re allowing that interference to impede your mindset. Set your goals, and goals bring clarity to the next step. Clarity is power.

Build a plan, and then work the plan. Measure the results. Adjust and attack. Will it always work, and the answer is no. Adjust and don’t give up. Taking action will always be greater than standing still in thought.

If you’re experiencing that sense of defeat today, I want you to declare victory through taking action on your plan. Do those things that are most important to driving your business. Get rid of the distractions. Also be intentional in the actions you take. Taking action alone will not solve your problem. Be a business person of purpose.

What if you’re unsure on what actions to take? Ask me about coaching. I invite you to that conversation. I help people everyday elevate their thinking and actions. I can help you see the things that you can’t see in your thinking and habits. Coaching is an engagement into deeper level conversations that can change your entire path.

Don’t feel defeated today. Do something about it. If hiring a coach is a next step solution, reach out. The only person that can make that decision is you.

Cheers to having a great business and living out a great life.

Onward and Upward,
Coach Jeremy Williams
Red Hawk Coaching

Growth is Not Overnight

Written By: Jeremy Williams

We had a storm roar through Kingwood this morning around 4:00 am, and when the sun peaked out, I checked out what damage might have been done to our flowerbed. Fortunately, there was no damage. When I starred over the flowerbed, a work in progress over the last year since having to cut down to large water oaks as a result of root rot, I thought to myself how much the plants have grown.

Isn’t it interesting that we may realize the growth of plants takes time, yet we want to microwave our personal and business growth. Like plants need attention and nurturing through the right type of soil, water, and feed, our personal and business growth too requires nurturing. We have to feed our minds with the right information, and we need to realize that taking action, even the small actions, may not deliver results today. 

It’s being okay with results not showing up immediately. To patiently wait is the key along with consistency in actions. Time on task over time. Do the right things each and everyday, and the cumulative results will make you unstoppable. Again this does not apply to business only. Think about your health. Losing weight doesn’t happen overnight. Study up on the exercise and nutrition required to achieve your goal. Take steps each day. Growth and improvement in physical health does not and will not happen over night. Put in the work.

Be encouraged if things are not happening exactly as planned. Keep putting in the work. Measure the outcomes. Don’t expect results to happen overnight.

Onward and Upward,
Coach Jeremy Williams
Red Hawk Coaching

How Do You Know What You’re Building is Working?

Written By: Jeremy Williams 

The answer is simply results. You’ve got to start looking at results and measuring what you’re doing to what you’re expecting to achieve. Now where do most business owners make a mistake? Sometimes the results don’t show up right away. In the coaching world, I’ve had clients that have come to me quickly, and I’ve had some that have come over years of following me. Business is not an Easy Bake Oven. 

Results are required. Results will let you know if something is working. If you know of a business that results aren’t required, please let me know, and we can invest in that together. 

Here is a list to help you build a results-oriented business. 

  1. Create a goal, priority areas, and strategies.
  2. Follow a schedule.
  3. Measure your results.
  4. Everyday ask these 3 questions: What did I do well? What did I do not so well? What can I do differently tomorrow to stay on track with #1 in this list?
  5. Be patient, yet be tenacious in your activities.
  6. Make small adjustments, and stay away from large adjustments unless ABSOLUTELY required. Making large adjustments all the time will result in you being less focused.
  7. Don’t be afraid of failing. These are learning opportunities.
  8. Results matter, and don’t let anyone tell you differently. People that tell you differently either don’t have results, or they want you to feel better about yourself. Feeling the pain is okay. BTW – Stop taking advice from these individuals. They will sink you.
  9. Love what you do.
  10. Find a network of people with a common bond of being business owners, and share with them your wins and failures. It is amazing how we can learn through the experiences of others.
  11. Hire a coach.

 Now go out and build something great today. Would there be anything you would add to this list?

Everything Rises and Falls with Leadership

Written By: Jeremy Williams

I read an article today chronicling the fall of a leader that made some really poor choices. It was a reminder that as a business owner, you are always under the spotlight whether you choose to be or not.

“Everything rises and falls with leadership.” – John Maxwell

Take actions based in truth and light, do the right thing, and admit when you’ve made a mistake. People look at business owners as mythical unicorns living in fields of clover framed by an overarching rainbow. You do something that blotches that image, and everything goes away in a snap.

Organizations, relationships, and families can all be impacted by our choices. If you think you can hide the things you’re doing, at some point it will catch up to you. Just don’t go down the path knowingly making bad decisions.

Be aware today that any decision you make has a consequence. Some will be favorable, and others can be destructive (BTW – this is both in business and life). This mistake made by this business owner will be difficult to recover from, if it at all, and the impacts will go far beyond the surface of the story which I read.

Everyone in this group, whether you like it or not, are seen as leaders in your particular industry. Be the leader. Know that “everything rises and falls with leadership”. If you need help in this area, I coach leaders. Connect with me at 281-387-7689 to learn more.

Be You | Stop Allowing Others to Tell You What and Who You Need to Be

Written By: Jeremy Williams

Be you…

Over the years I was told, “Jeremy, you’re not bringing enough energy. You need to be more excited. You can motivate, encourage, and help more people if you would act in this way.” Guess what, it was complete BS, and for those telling me essentially not to be myself, what they don’t realize is the number of people that came to thank me for my authentic relationship.

See, authenticity is what people want. They don’t want a show. They want to know you truly are passionate about what you do, and that your intention is to add value…not dupe them into believing something through acting out of falsehood. People want to feel like you care about their needs and to be 100% genuine about that feeling.

I write this to encourage you to “Be You” today. I will bet more people will gravitate towards you than away from you. For those that move away, be okay with that too. Unfortunately we are messaged everyday in this world that we have to appeal to everyone. Stop that…it’s not living in truth. Appealing to everyone means that you’re compromising on everything. Compromising to everything means that you stand for nothing, and that is essentially lying to yourself because you know you stand for something.

Now saying this, I don’t want to take away from the charismatic as long as it is authentic. If bouncing off the walls is your thing, and that is who you are, I say go for it. It is not me, and I’m okay with that.

Studying leadership over the years, I fit into a style of leadership that is slightly under the radar, yet I believe there is power in it. In my world, leadership is more quiet, and it is done through questioning, challenging, and more importantly listening. You will never see me jump up or down, or act a fool, and for the times some in this very group may have seen that…it was not done in authenticity.

Did I get to these thoughts over a day? No, it has been over the period of nearly 3 years rewiring my thoughts and taking new actions. Be you today. Challenge yourself. Go after your goals and dreams. Stop letting others tell you there must be a certain way to achieve big things. Not true.

Did this message hit you? I would love to hear what this meant to you.

Are you seeking a coach to level up your business? A coach that is grounded in being himself. Are you seeking a coach that will support you in being you? Are you seeking a coach that will question, challenge, and listen to your specific needs. If this is you, let’s have a conversation and see where it might lead.

Have a great and productive day. Be YOU!

Onward and Upward,
Coach Jeremy Williams