Celebrate Someone Today

Celebrate Someone Today Real Estate and Small Business Coach Jeremy Williams Red Hawk Coaching

Written By: Coach Jeremy Williams

Tearing down the successes of others because you don’t think they’ve earned or deserved it is a result of being weak minded.

Think of about the appearance of an iceberg from the surface of the water. It might not look so big, yet when you go below the surface you see it to be massive.

The same thing can be said about the successes of others. You might only see what’s on the surface, what’s in a social media post, a snapshot of recognition, and what you don’t see is all the work it took to get there. Literally the blood, sweat, and tears. The late nights while everyone else is sleeping. The early mornings before the sun rises. The loneliness because the activity in front of you requires your full attention. The stretching of the nerves because outcomes can be unpredictable. What you don’t see is the amount of work that person has put in that often goes unnoticed.

So today, celebrate the success of someone. Celebrate the success of a “competitor”. And remember when you celebrate others they will celebrate you although that should not be the reason you do it.

Who can you celebrate today?

Hard is a Mindset

Hard is a Mindset Real Estate Coach Jeremy Williams Red Hawk Coaching

Written By: Coach Jeremy Williams

Hard is a mindset!

When you say something is hard, you’ve chose a mindset that will defeat you often times before you even start.

It’s hard to find new business.

It’s hard to start that new fitness and nutrition regimen. 

That is a hard relationship to maintain.

When you declare something is hard, you prevent your brain from going out to seek the solution. When you seek solutions to the obstacles in front of you, your world begins to change. There is the saying that when you change the way you think about something, that something can then change. So reword your “it’s hard” conversations today.

It’s simple to find new business when I am consistent and intentional in my daily scheduled lead generation sessions.

It’s not challenging to be successful with my new fitness and nutrition regimen when I have a plan, accountability, and I execute the plan daily.

It’s not a challenging relationship. I may need to listen more, and figure out why I’ve made the relationship challenging. I don’t see it as a challenge rather an opportunity to have a more meaningful relationship with this individual.

Notice how the above statements are now coming from being solution-based vs that of a victim mentality. 

Coaching can help you in the area of mindset as everything starts with mindset. If I can help you have breakthroughs in both business and life, would it not be worth the investment in your business? You are worth the investment, and the time you commit to coaching can help you change everything. I’ve seen it over and over again in thousands of hours of conversation over the years. Schedule a time slot with me to learn more; don’t wait any longer.

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