Coach Jeremy Williams Interviews Danae Wheat, Owner of OnPoint Transactions LLC

Danae Wheat Transaction Coordinator Texas Real Estate Agents OnPoint Transactions LLC

Written By: Coach Jeremy Williams

Today, I had the honor to interview one of my coaching clients, Danae Wheat, Owner of OnPoint Transactions LLC; a real estate transaction coordination company providing support for Texas licensed real estate agents. One of my big takeaways from the conversation was how much time she is saving agents that utilize her services so that they can focus on dollar productive business activities.

I know I strongly urge my real estate coaching clients that one of the first hires they need to make, sooner than later, is a transaction coordinator. The benefit of utilizing a transaction coordination company like OnPoint Transactions LLC is that the charge is per transaction. You don’t have to concern yourself with payroll, taxes, training, etc. Watch the full interview here.

Level Up Your Real Estate Business by Hiring a Transaction Coordinator

Written By: Coach Jeremy Williams

Jeremy Williams, CEO/Owner and Business Coach at Red Hawk Coaching interviews Carol Trauthwein, Owner of Northwoods Transaction Management; a transaction coordination company for real estate agents. In the conversation, Carol talks about leverage, providing higher levels of customer service, systems, professional standards in the transaction coordination industry, and how coaching has impacted her business already in such a short time.

For real estate agents looking to make a hire early on in their business, start by hiring a transaction coordinator like Carol that will give you the ability to do what you do best  – help others buy, sell, and/or invest in real estate. Meet Carol in the interview above. Carol provides transaction coordination services for real estate agents primarily in Texas and Florida. Connect with Carol today at 281-793-4380.

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Danae Wheat Owner of OnPoint Transactions LLC Hires Small Business Coach Jeremy Williams

Written By: Coach Jeremy Williams

Are you a real estate agent seeking leverage in your real estate business? How can leveraging a TC in your business give you time to reinvest in your business and life? Meet Danae Wheat, owner of OnPoint Transactions, LLC

Real Estate is in Danae’s blood. Coming from a family of Realtors, she became a licensed agent in 2013 and retains an active license. She went on to become a Multi-Million dollar producing agent in the North Houston area. In an effort to expand her knowledge of the industry, Danae became an Escrow Processor at a local Title Company and learned the ins and outs of what happens behind the scenes in a real estate transaction. 

Danae is a proud wife and mother to her children Lillian and Oliver. She enjoys being outdoors, traveling, gardening, yoga, reading and going to the park with her family. Danae is also a member of the Texas Aggie class of ’09! #Gigem 

To learn more about her services, connect with Danae at 832-465-4041 or email

Are you looking for a business coach? Ask Danae about her experience with Red Hawk Coaching.

Talent Tuesday Carol Trauthwein, Transaction Coordinator and Owner of Northwoods Transaction Managment

Carol Trauthwein Northwoods Transaction Management Texas Real Estate Agents Transaction Coordinator

Written By: Coach Jeremy Williams

Today, I would like to recognize Carol Trauthwein, Owner of Northwoods Transaction Management; a transaction coordination company for REALTORS®. Carol is one of the hardest working people I know that is constantly working on her business to bring real estate agents that utilize her services the best.

Carol and her team accomplished something amazing in 2020. Her team closed 672 real estate transactions. Wow! Carol shares with me her transaction services gives a real estate agent 10 – 20 hours back to their business on each file. Transaction coordinators are a wonderful leverage partnership for a real estate agent.

I know 2020 was an amazing year for Carol and the Northwoods Transaction Management team, and I know 2021 will be even better. Congratulations Carol!

Learn more about the services provided by Carol by connecting with her at 281-793-4380 or email You will be glad you did.