A Winner Seeks Knowledge

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Written By: Coach Jeremy Williams

Chad Hyams and Bob Stewart of the Win Make Give Podcast interviewed Doctor Gregg Marshall (many know as Doc G) on the topic of seeking knowledge in their latest podcast series Traits of a Winner. Doc G is a Professor and Chair at Texas State University Round Rock Campus, and he also served 21 years as the faculty representative for Beta Upsilon Chi (Brothers Under Christ) founded at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas in 1997.

The message in this podcast interview has so many applications. Our entire journey should be set on seeking knowledge and to remain in curiosity. Whether it’s your health, finances, wealth building, relationships, Spiritual life, business, etc., growth only occurs when you continually seek out knowledge and truth.

No matter what your profession or path in life, take a few moments to hear the message shared by Doc G, and the great questions asked by Bob and Chad, Co-Hosts with the Win Make Give Podcast Network. You will be glad you did.

The 15 Point Plan to Health and Happiness with Chad Hyams, Co-Host of the Win Make Give Podcast Network

Written By: Coach Jeremy Williams

Chad Hyams Co-Host Win Make Give Podcast Network Ben Kinney Companies The 15 Point Plan

Coach Jeremy Williams, Head Coach and Founder of Red Hawk Coaching interviews Chad Hyams, Co-Host of the Win Make Give Podcast Network. Chad shares a 15 Point Plan to Health and Happiness created by Ben Kinney. The 15 Point Plan to Health and Happiness provides a simple approach to making gains in what matters most; Health = Wealth.

The 15 Point Plan to Health and Happiness includes: Goals, Movement, Hydration, Sleep, Nutrition, Supplements, Influences, Journaling, Mindfulness, Gratitude, Laughter, Learn, Hobbies, Serve, and Time.

If you would like to learn more about the plan, check out Win Make Give. Each segment is approximately 15 – 20 minutes. Plans for future podcast drop will dive deeper into each point in the plan.

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Should I Start a Podcast for My Business? Interview with Chad Hyams Co-Host of Win Make Give

Written By: Jeremy Williams

I recently had the opportunity to interview Chad Hyams, a Co-Host for the Win Make Give podcast founded by Ben Kinney. Chad provided a behind the curtain look at what it takes to have a successful podcast. Are you looking for a top business podcast that focuses on health, wealth, leadership, and legacy, checkout the Win Make Give podcast today.

Questions I Asked Chad Hyams in the Interview

  1. Chad, you are part of a team that is bringing valuable information to business owners through the podcast Win Make Give. Tell me about the concept of Win Make Give, and about the team that makes this one of the most successful podcasts out there right now.
  2. There are several mediums out there today to share and promote your message as a business owner. Why a podcast?
  3. I am a business owner, and I am thinking about starting a podcast. What would be the one reason not to start one?
  4. Obviously, the next question is, what is the one reason for someone to do a podcast?
  5. Is consistency to creating content for your podcast important? What are some strategies you would recommend to have that consistency with your podcast?
  6. I imagine one of the biggest challenges is what are you going to talk about. Share with me some of the strategies with Win Make Give to brainstorm and develop content for the podcast.
  7. Obviously the Win Make Give podcast is next level. What are some of the basic tools someone might invest in to start a podcast? If someone is looking to level up, where do you recommend them going to learn more?
  8. The audience for Win Make Give is growing quickly, and I believe it to be the recent offering of Ben Kinney taking everyone through the Wealth Series. What was the thought process of taking that to the masses? Share with me the successes.
  9. Chad, you always end the podcast with “Until next time, do good.” What led you to end each podcast with this phrase?
  10. What is one question I should have asked you about creating a podcast, and I did not?